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Seminars at IIS, SITM, SOFTEC and UMO

Information on the WISEM application

If you would like to write your seminar paper at one of the Business Information Systems chairs, you must successfully apply for a seminar place. The proposed topics will be published online at the start of the semester (i.e., on April 1 and October 1). Alternatively, you can apply with your own topic suggestion.

Topic proposals

Our chairs offer you topic suggestions covering a wide spectrum of Business Information Systems. Usually, each chair proposes 15 Bachelor's topics and 5 Master's topics per semester. All topics are assigned to topic groups. Your apply for a seminar place with reference to topic groups, not concrete topics.

The proposed topics will be made available here at the beginning of the semester.

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Own topic proposal

You are invited to make your own proposal for a topic that interests you. If you have your own topic suggestion, discuss it with a potential supervisor before applying to ensure that it is suitable as a seminar topic.

You can find a suitable supervisor, for example, on the basis of the current research areas, the current publications or the theses supervised so far on the employee pages.


Applications are submitted using an online application form during the specified period. The online application form is only active during the application period. The link to the application form is found below.

The topics proposed by the participating research groups are assigned to topic groups on the topic proposal page. Your application in relation to topic proposals of research chairs always concerns topic groups, not concrete topics. In case you application for a topic group is successful, you will be assigned a concrete topic by your supervisor.

On the page listing the proposed topics and topic groups, a unique identifier is assigned to each topic group (e.g., UMO-BA-1, SITM-MA-2). Write down the identifiers attached to the topic groups of interest to you. You will need to enter these identifiers in the online application form.

If you apply with your own topic suggestion, please choose the option "eigenes Thema am Lehrstuhl XYZ" in the online application form and upload your individual topic outline or an exposé.

You can apply for up to eight topic groups. If you apply with your own topic, you can simultaneously apply for up to seven other topic groups proposed by the research chairs. Because you are able to apply for such a large number of possible topic groups (plus individual topics), we will have a lot of flexibility in trying to assign topics and topic groups to you.

In the online application form, you need to list the identifiers of the topic groups in which you are interested in a specific order. This order specifies the priorities you assign to each preference for a topic group. Topic groups listed first are assigned a higher priority than topic groups listed subsequently.

Because the scientific analysis of a subject requires genuine interest, it is usually beneficial for seminar success to apply only for topic groups which are intellectually and personally interesting to you. Thus, it is of course permissible to apply for less than five topic groups. If you apply for less than five topic groups, we assume that you are only interested in the topic groups for which you applied and you will not be provided with alternative options in case all of your preferred topic groups are taken. 

Conversely, you increase your chances of receiving a seminar place in case you state as many preferences for topic groups as possible. Your preferences will be assessed in view of the possibilities and capabilities of the different research chairs.

Bachelor students have to upload a current overview of grades including malus points ("Leistungsübersicht"). This is required for participation by the examination regulations (see the FAQ). Please name your file according to the following pattern: Leistungsnachweis_Lastname.pdf. This facilitates and accelerates the processing of the files.

The principal examination languages are German and English. The possible languages for specific topics are indicated in the overview of proposed topics and topic groups.

Registration and Confirmation

Allocation of seminar places

Seminar places are allocated on the basis of the submitted preferences for topic groups, the priorities of submitted preferences, and study progress. Applicants will be informed at the latest one week after the application deadline about whether or not they have received a place. The exact dates concerning the WISEM seminar process are found on the general WISEM homepage.

Students who have successfully received a seminar place must confirm their participation until a specific date during the semester (see the dates listed on the general WISEM homepage). You will receive further details from your supervisor.

Please note that this course (especially the Bachelor seminar) is limited in attendance. Therefore it may happen that other students have to be preferred due to the requirements of the examination regulations. As a result, it may happen that you may not be allocated a place despite submitting five preferences for seminar topic groups. Please also refer to the FAQ with regard to further possibilities for writing a seminar paper.

For general questions around the WISEM process

Leonardo Banh is the main responsible contact for the WISEM process, especially the application process. He will be happy to answer any organizational questions you may have.

Koordination WISEM