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Shaping the future: Hand in hand with technology

We live in exciting times that are unique in the history of mankind. Digital transformation will change the world as we know it to an extent almost unimaginable today. Only companies that succeed in exploiting the potential of IT via innovation will benefit from this transformation. These companies do not only require the ability to design their cost structures competitively; they also need to satisfy their increasingly demanding customers in markets that are becoming more and more international. This requires designing powerful IT infrastructures that are closely linked to the processes, as well as using sophisticated methods of artificial intelligence research to evaluate large amounts of data.

Business Information Systems: Pioneer of digital transformation

Companies can only master these challenges if they employ staff who, in addition to deeply understanding information technology, also understand complex economic relationships and are able to motivate others to support the planned change. Our Bachelor and Master of Science programs in Business Information Systems address these requirements. These programs are not only very exceptionally attractive, because they offer excellent career prospects: Far more, the scientific debate about the possibilities and limits of using IT promises a fulfilling professional life in which our graduates are among those who are in demand and who are listened to. This also includes the ability to reflect with others on the exciting questions of our time in a rational way: How will we live and work tomorrow? Where are the limits of automation to be found?

What is Business Information Systems?

Business Information Systems (known in German as Wirtschaftsinformatik) interfaces with economics and informatics. Information technologies play a central role. Business Information Systems represents more than the intersections with business, informatics, and (information) technology.

The design of information systems that sustainably enhance a company's competitiveness is associated with considerable challenges. In order to counter these challenges effectively, Business Information Systems develops concepts and methods that support the analysis, planning, design, implementation, and management of efficient information and communication technology.

We do not only design IT systems and software to improve process efficiency and quality in organizations. We simultaneously analyze and frequently reorganize the relevant activities, work processes, and task distribution.

What are the University of Duisburg-Essen's special advantages ?

The University of Duisburg-Essen is one of the largest universities in Germany. Due to a large number of professorships in our field, we can offer a large selection of specialization opportunities. At the same time, our students benefit from a very good mentoring relationship.

Since we are internationally networked with a number of universities, our students also have numerous opportunities to gain experience abroad.

Through our cooperations, our students also gain access to a number of non-university qualification opportunities (such as ES/4students, business start-ups, and much more).

What are the career prospects?

Our graduates' testimonials about professional life


Graduates of Business Information Systems can look forward to excellent career prospects and a wide range of possible jobs. Companies in all industries are searching for graduates and this will not change in the foreseeable future. The wide range of qualifications enables specialists in Business Information Systems to access attractive tasks and different career paths in management consultancies, in IT management, or in the supervising large companies. This flexibility combined with the high demand offer excellent earning opportunities, as recent studies have shown. A growing number of our graduates establish their own start-ups and therefore they have the courage to start their own business immediately after completing their studies.

Testimonials from the professional life of our graduates

Bachelor's Programme

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