Research projects

The continuous development of new classes of information technologies presents companies with continuous challenges in using these new technologies profitably. As a practice-oriented discipline, Business Information Systems is therefore always striving to analyze and improve the challenges of business practice in order to improve processes. In this context, research projects in which researchers from different disciplines and institutions exchange information in order to test the implementation possibilities together with companies and to generate new findings for research are indispensable.

The following overview of current and completed projects in our research area gives you a good insight into the range of topics on which we work with our research groups.

Detailed descriptions of the research projects listed below can be found on the pages of the respective chairs:

Current research projects

NameShort descriptionParticipants

Augmented Reality-enabled Enterprise Architecture Management

Application of Augmented Reailty to improve enterprise architecture management.

Artificial Intelligence in a Strategic View

Investigation of the influence of artificial intelligence on the strategic aspects of organizations.

AI-Supported Organizational Decision-Making

The aim is to analyse the areas of application of artificial intelligence in decision making.

Benefits Management Referenzdesign (BeMaReD)

The aim is to develop a reference model with which the potential of IT projects can be exploited and efficient implementations can be carried out.

Effects of demand management

Development of a design theory that serves as a basis for the introduction of demand management in organizations.

Digital Transformation and IT Innovation Management

Investigation of internal and external strategic problems related to digital transformation.


Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM)

Study on the factors of successful "Enterprise Architecture Management".


IT project and project portfolio management

Aims to explain how organizations can acquire sustainable skills in the area of "IT project and project portfolio management" and how future projects can be successfully designed. 

Strategic IT benchmarking

Investigation of successful and failed initiatives for strategic IT benchmarking.


Theoretical foundation of Design Science Research

Expansion of the knowledge base in relation to design science research in the area of 'information systems'.


Language Engineering for Multilevel Modelling (LE4MM)

Development of a multi-level modeling and development environment that allows to overcome the dichotomy of type and instance levels.

Implementation of selected aspects of MEMO OrgML using ADOxx (MEMO4ADO)

Joint project with the Information Systems Development Research Group at the Fernuniversität Hagen in which a modeling tool for teaching purposes was developed based on the metamodeling environment ADOxx.

Personalized prices in e-commerce

The research project deals with price differentiation in online trading. 

Big Data Analyses in Promotion Management

The research project deals with big data analyses in promotion management.

In-Memory-Analytics and Predictive Analytics

The research project deals with in-memory analytics and predictive analytics. As part of the cooperation with SAP SE, the SAP HANA Platform is used. 

Completed research projects

NameShort descriptionParticipants

Implementation and enforcement of IT standards in companies

Study that examines the problems and influencing factors in the implementation and enforcement of IT standards in companies.

IT Project Management (ITPG)


Study on the implementation process of IT project management methods.


Scientific study on the "Integration of COBIT and ITIL Standards with the Federal IT Control Framework Architecture" (BMI)


Study on the EAM framework "IT-Steuerung Bund" for its further development and integration with COBIT and ITIL.

Reference business processes and strategies in e-commerce (ECOMOD)

Development of a method that supports the creation and maintenance of powerful and flexible e-business infrastructures.


Enterprise IT Management Modellierungssprache (EITM-ML)

Development of a domain-specific modeling language that enables the creation of models of IT landscapes that can be integrated with models of business processes or business models in general.

Enterprise Modelling and Performance Optimization (EMPOSME)

Extension of existing MEMO languages with concepts from selected decision domains.

EMSCa-Bank enterprise model

This project aims to create a comprehensive reference model for medium-sized banks that can be used for research and teaching.

Evaluation of UML modeling tools (EvaLUM)

Development of a reference framework for the evaluation of UML modeling tools and its application to tools offered on the market.

Fleet management in the trade (FlottHIT)

Prototypical development and testing of a system to support logistics in craft businesses.

Hospital Engineering - Innovation paths for the hospital of the future (HospEngineering)

Development of concepts to shape the hospital of the future; in cooperation with 24 partners from industry and science.

International comparison of the research programs of Wirtschaftsinformatik and Information Systems (IFWIS)

Comparison of research programmes and approaches of German 'Wirtschaftsinformatik' and 'Information Systems' from the Anglo-Saxon region.

Information Systems Student Exchange Network (IS:link)

Establishment of a subject-specific university network to support the exchange of students of Business Information Systems.

Middleware platform for mobile business solutions (Mobilo)

Design and implementation of a framework for the economic development of workflow-based applications on different platforms, especially mobile devices.

Public Enterprise Knowledge Management (PEKMAN)

Analysis of the potential benefits of knowledge management in public institutions.

Project management in the trade with IT support (ProHIT)

Study on the influence of dedicated methods and technologies to support project management that have long been used in industry.

Enterprise modeling tool for applying the MEMO method (MEMOCenterNG)

Aims to develop a software tool that supports multi-perspective enterprise modeling with the MEMO method.

Open Model

An initiative to develop collaborative reference models that can be used, adapted, copied and distributed by everyone.

In this project a generic approach is developed to optimize the information search process of users during software-intensive activities through context information.
  • Michael Beul


This project deals with the development of concepts and prototypes for the context-specific generation and visualization of generic architectural views in the context of service-oriented architectures.

Transformation tasks during the introduction of enterprise systems

In this project, the worldwide introduction of an enterprise system architecture in a company is analyzed in order to explore possible improvement potentials in roll-out management.

Profitability assessment of enterprise systems

This research project deals with the economic viability assessment of enterprise systems 

Workflow system with web interface

Development of a workflow system to support the processing of credit applications; in cooperation with Sparkasse Essen. 

IT-supported performance indicator development

Development of a knowledge-based performance indicator generator.


Evaluation of development platforms

Study about alternative development platforms for a medium-sized system house. 

Reengineering of Host PL/1 programs for the calculation of consumer loans

Adaptation of five PL/1 application of Sparkasse Essen to meet new EU guidelines. 

Internet Billing

Study on electronic invoicing in cooperation with Deutsche Post AG. 

Data warehousing in the production area

Development of a data warehouse for a large mechanical engineering company. 

Length of hospitalization

Development of an expert system which estimates the expected length of stay of patients; in cooperation with the company health insurance Hoesch. 

Research project Ariadne

The project includes the development of a generic process model for the implementation of flexible company-wide IT architectures via corresponding migration, integration and refactoring projects.