With eight chairs in Business Information Systems, we are among the largest of our discipline in Germany. In addition, the working groups from Business Administration and Computer Science, with which we are combined in the Faculty of Computer Science, enable Master students to develop their own individual profile from a broad selection ranging from the energy industry and financing to requirements analysis or implementation. The Master's program is also characterized by a strong research orientation. Our university does not only have a large number of research projects and cooperations with companies; our professors and staff also participate in many international conferences.

Overview of all fields and working groups

You choose the study content that suits you to build up your individual competences, thereby enabling you to master the Digital Transformation.

As a Master student you can select your lectures, seminars, and projects according to your personal interests from a variety of courses offered by the faculty. This gives you the opportunity to build your individual competence for digital change. Many events at Master's level are designed as interactively as possible to challenge and support the students. The module handbook gives an overview of possible modules. In addition to courses for the elective area of Business Information Systems, it also contains courses for the elective areas of Business Administration, Computer Science, and Economics. Here you will find courses, which go beyond the competence acquired in the Bachelor's program, teaching you to apply methods for the analysis and design of information systems and also enabling you to construct your own methods for specific purposes.

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Research and teaching from a single source

The chairs involved in the study program are characterised by a pronounced research orientation, which is evidenced by numerous research projects, high-ranking publications, and regular active participation in the most important conferences on the subject. At the same time, all the lecturers are committed to the agreement on research and teaching, thereby ensuring that the course contents take into account the current state of research and that a stimulating analysis of new topics is supported. Full-time studies enable students to benefit from an intensive daily exchange with lecturers and other teaching staff. The top students also have an opportunity to participate as student assistants in the chairs' research projects, thereby gaining direct insight into current research topics and methods. Furthermore, they can also strengthen their profile, because employers know that working as a student employee is a special recommendation.

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International orientation

The majority of the DAX companies and a large number of medium-sized companies have employees from many countries. Therefore, a regular exchange between customers and suppliers takes place all over the world. This is why Business Information Systems at our university has a strong international focus:


  • The majority of the events will be held in English;
  • Once a year, the Visiting Scholar Academy organizes a course by a renowned visiting scholar from abroad;
  • The participating chairs carry out research projects on an international level in which motivated students are also involved; and
  • A semester abroad is compulsory. For this purpose, a stay at one of our twenty-two partner universities in the IS:link exchange network is the best option.
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Practical orientation

A scientifically oriented course of study aims to impart skills from which graduates can benefit throughout their professional lives. In contrast to other forms of higher education, the goal is not only to prepare students for today's practice, but also to look beyond its boundaries and shape the future. To this end, it is advisable to develop a rich idea of current practice. Examples and case studies, which are widely used in teaching, significantly contribute to this. Furthermore, the exchange with qualified employees of our partner companies, for example within the scope of lectures or excursions, provides insights into companies' current challenges and approaches and how they solve the digital transformation.

Embedded in a large university with excellent facilities

The University of Duisburg-Essen is one of the largest universities in Germany and offers a broad spectrum of disciplines. For this reason, the University offers its own specialist libraries – at both the Duisburg campus and the Essen campus – with a stock of approximately 2.4 million volumes, approximately 1750 subscribed print journals, and access to around 36,000 electronic journals. Modern IT equipment and numerous workstations round off the profile of the libraries and make them ideal student learning and workstations. The University of Duisburg-Essen is also excellently equipped outside the libraries, for example with campus-wide Wi-Fi access and e-learning offers.

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Research groups

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