A successful start to your studies

Even if the university teaches, it is not a school: Due to the professional focus, studying requires the discipline to use a certain domain-specific language and to apply it. In addition, you will be taught by researchers who will give you an insight into topics that you will have to explore and deepen independently. This professionally guided learning process is supervised by the Examination Office, which is responsible for the organization and handling of examinations. Many things at the university are different to most types of schools. This is why there are many institutions and terms you should familiarize yourself with for a successful study. We assist you with the following offers for new students.

University Language Dictionary

In order to understand the organization of the university or the studies, it is useful to know a number of unversity-specific terms.

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Preparatory course for mathematics

Within this e-learning course you can refresh your knowledge of mathematics before the start of the semester.


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Orientation week

At the beginning of each semester, the faculty offers an orientation week with sessions specifically for Bachelor students in their first semester.

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Mentoring by professors

We offer a mentoring programme for students in the Master's programme in Business Information Systems.

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