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 Fr, 28. Jun. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

Guest lecture on "Social Media Governance" by PricewaterhouseCoopers on July 3rd

In the course of the "IT-Controlling" lecture, Stefan Buers (PwC) holds a guest lecture under the title “Social Media Governance - Die Analyse und Steuerung von Risiken in einer digitalen Welt”. Stefan Buers, who has worked...

 Mo, 24. Jun. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

Guest lecture on "Implementation of an Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) Tool" by DEVK on June 25th

We are pleased to announce a guest lecture by Michael Bach (DEVK) on the implementation of an EAM tool. On June 25th he will shed light on the practical perspective of EAM by elaborating on aspects as stakeholder analysis,...

 Mi, 19. Jun. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

Three job offers as student assistant positions at the SITM chair

The Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management offers three jobs as student assistants with the following responsibilities: Supporting the IS:link project (9h a week)Supporting general chair tasks and research...

 Mi, 29. Mai. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

Announcement regarding the special exam IT Management and IT Controlling in summer term 2013 and its transition (Update)

The Application for the special exam “IT Management and IT Controlling” (6 ECTS) of Prof. Ahlemann starts on June 10th 2013 and ends on June 14th 2013. Please consider that the exam might be named “IT-Management (6 ECTS)” in the...

 Mo, 27. Mai. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

Guest lecture on “Strategic Governance of Information Technology” by Jochen Hagen on May 28th

We are pleased to announce a guest lecture byJochen Hagen on “Strategic Governance of Information Technology” on May 28th. He will present his doctoral thesis elaborating on the shortcoming of existing governance models and the...

 Mi, 08. Mai. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

Paper on Benefits Management accepted at the ECIS 2013 conference in Utrecht

We are happy to announce that the paper “Exploiting IS/IT Projects’ Potential – Towards a Design Theory for Benefits Management” was accepted at the European Conference of Information Systems (ECIS) 2013 in Utrecht. It is authored...

 Mo, 29. Apr. 2013   Hesselmann, Florian

SITM co-charing “Adoption, Use and Success of Artefacts in IS” track at the MKWI 2014

Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann is co-chairing a track at the Multikonferenz Wirtschaftsinformatik (MKWI) 2014 in Paderborn. The track’s topic is “Adoption, Use and Success in WI”. Other chairs are Prof. Dr. Stefan Smolnik and Dr....

 Di, 09. Okt. 2012   Nagel, Annett

Start of projects for Bachelor and Master

Starting in summer term 2013 we will offer a “Bachelor-Projekt” resp. “Master-Projekt” based on current SITM topics. Our goal is to provide you an assignment that will be practice-oriented on the one hand but also based on a solid...

 Mo, 08. Okt. 2012   Nagel, Annett

Updated room information for lectures and tutorials

Due to unexpected problems with our facilities we had to switch some of the rooms of our lectures and tutorials. For more information see  .

 Mi, 05. Sep. 2012   Jacobs, Britta

Lecture “Wissensmanagement”

Beginning with fall term 2012 the lecture “Wissensmanagement” is replaced by the lecture “Organizational Behavior” which is held by Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann. For further information see .

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