Do, 24. Apr. 2014   Jendrian, Simon

Papers accepted for the European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2014 in Tel Aviv

We are proud to announce that the following papers were accepted for presentation and publication at the 22nd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel:  Full papers:
  • Arne Buchwald, Nils Urbach, and Frederik Ahlemann: “Understanding the Organizational Antecedents of Bottom-up Unenacted Projects - Towards a Conceptual Model based on Deviance Theory”
  • Florian Hesselmann and Kunal Mohan: “Where are we headed with Benefits Management Research? Current Shortcomings and Avenues for Future Research”
Research-in-progress papers:
  • Andreas Drechsler and Philipp Dörr: “Analyzing the Type and Extent of the Consideration of Social and Technical Factors in IS Research – A Research Design”
  • Andreas Drechsler: “Specializing a Design Science Research Methodology for the Domains of IS/IT Management and IT Project Management”
ECIS is the most prestigious European MIS conference and will take place from 8-11 Jun 2014. Further information about this conference can be found at: ecis2014.eu